Project Spotlight: Rogues

Rogues is a post-apocalyptic social MMORPG using blockchain for asset ownership. In “World of Rogues,” Genesis NFT holders play as their avatars, engaging in activities like resource gathering, crafting, and combat, either alone or with friends.

Expanding Horizons

The gaming platform recently expanded to the NEAR blockchain, becoming multichain and allowing NEAR NFT holders to join the game. On April 11, 2023, the platform successfully sold out a free "mint" of 400 NFTs. These free mints allowed players to claim their genesis NFT (Rogue Fox) in-game and start playing immediately.

On May 10, 2023, the remaining NEAR Genesis NFTs will be minted through the Few & Far Launchpad. 711 NFTs will be minted at a price of 7-9 NEAR each, bringing the total collection to 1,111. For more information, visit this page

The public launch of the game is set for early June, with specific daily time slots for players to participate. The game will be free to play, with no NFT required.

Additionally, daily quests and seasonal campaigns with incentives will be introduced. An exclusive Alpha version of the game for NFT holders only will take place on May 7, 2023, with both Polygon and NEAR logins available.

In March 2023, the platform rebranded to Rogues Studio. While World of Rogues remains their flagship game, the studio is developing multiple titles and products under the Rogues Studio umbrella. The platform also plans to support additional chains, with details to be confirmed in the near future.

Recent Developments

The most significant recent development for the gaming project was the successful launch on the NEAR network on April 11th. A sold-out free "mint" of 400 NFTs was distributed, allowing players to log in and immediately use their NFTs in the game. This attracted many new players from the NEAR community, further expanding the game's reach.

This development is significant because it establishes the game as a truly multi-chain platform, supporting both Polygon and NEAR. As a result, the community has grown to 16.6k followers on Twitter and 5k on Discord, marking just the beginning of the project's multi-chain integrations. The successful integration can be attributed to the dedicated team and the support from NEAR, who provided a grant last year. Additionally, the NEAR ecosystem facilitated easy collaboration with other NEAR projects and helped onboard more community members.

In the near future, the project team is most excited about the public launch in early June. The World of Rogues game will be available for everyone to play, regardless of NFT ownership. Season 1 of the game tournament will also be launched, featuring daily quests and a seasonal pool of rewards. The game will be open at specific times each day, accommodating multiple time zones.

Another notable event is the upcoming NEAR mint on May 10, 2023, on Few & Far. This presents an opportunity for players to become Genesis holders within the ecosystem. It is important to note that Genesis NFTs currently have different utilities on Polygon and NEAR, with more information available in the project's Discord server.


Rogues Studio is experiencing a thrilling period of growth and innovation as it embraces multichain integration with the NEAR network. This expansion not only brings new opportunities for players, but also strengthens the community and fosters collaboration within the ecosystem. With the highly anticipated public launch of World of Rogues just around the corner, the future holds even more excitement and potential for the project. As the team continues to push the boundaries of gaming, players can eagerly anticipate engaging experiences, unique rewards, and a truly immersive multichain platform that unites gamers across different networks.

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