Project Spotlight: Uldor

Uldor is a web3 MMORPG being developed in UE5. The game will feature a vast open world to explore, large-scale faction battles, and structured PvP tournaments. Uldor’s first playable game mode, the Dread Arena, is currently in a closed alpha.

Update Announcement

Uldor has announced an update to the Dread Arena, their first playable game mode. This update brings some exciting improvements to the look and feel, combat, controller support, and various fixes and tweaks. The team said they have received great feedback from early testers.

Some of the improvements in this update could be considered minor, but many subtle improvements add considerably to the immersion and feeling of quality from gamers. For example, in the previous version, players had an artificial light around them to help them see in dark areas. Now, your character has a lantern attached to their belt, creating a real light source that moves as you move. In addition to the many quality improvements, combat mechanics were improved, wave balance was tweaked to make the game even more fun, and controller support was added. In future updates, they will be adding more weapons, boss waves, leaderboards, and co-op so you can play with a friend!

The Dread Arena update drops this week! Get access by visiting Uldor and getting on the waitlist. You can find Uldor Dread Arena on the Elixir Game Launcher.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow

While the Dread Arena is a fun and replayable game mode, it is just the beginning for Uldor. The team divided their development into phases with deliverables so they can release game modes like the Dread Arena while continuing to work on the larger goal, a full open-world MMORPG.

Later this year, Uldor will release a PvP Arena, where players can fight head-to-head in structured PvP matches. The PvP Arena will feature a custom class system, where players can design a character with a specific fighting style and abilities.

Next year comes Faction Battles, where players will take the PvP to the persistent world. Uldor’s three factions fight over a vast landscape in this player-driven world. When a faction captures territory, they can build fortifications to defend it. After the defenses have been upgraded, certain content including special shops and dungeons will be unlocked. Players can also build siege weapons and organize attacks against other enemy fortifications to try to capture their territory.

Finally, the world is expanded beyond the faction zone to add immense PvE content, with cities to visit, areas to explore, dangerous world bosses, and epic dungeons.

Building in Web3

Uldor is being developed by Max Level Studios, a web3 native studio. The team is made up of talented and passionate industry game developers and blockchain experts. They have partnered with Immutable X to bring NFTs to players with an instant and gasless experience, allowing their games to truly scale and achieve mass adoption.


Uldor is not just a hypothetical promise of a future game - the team is already delivering fun, replayable gameplay today with so much more in store. The latest updates to the Dread Arena show how the team takes time and care to improve both the look of the game, but also improve the experience. The team values player feedback and welcomes you to get on the waitlist for the next batch of alpha keys!

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