Project Spotlight: Castle of Blackwater

In Castle of Blackwater, 15 strangers must complete tasks and escape a castle of danger and deception. Good and evil battle it out, with only one side claiming victory. Trust is scarce, lives are at stake, and alliances are formed, but who can be trusted?

Strategy, Excitement & Social Deduction

In the day cycle, players are thrust into a dark castle filled with peril and intrigue. With a book of varying difficulty levels, they complete tasks while Satanic characters lurk, waiting for their chance to strike. The Satanic use a secret messaging system to communicate and deceive others. The discovery of a dead body reveals the identity of the deceased, adding a new level of danger to the game.

Players can head to the safe zone before the end of the day cycle to strategize, view a map of the castle, and stay safe from harm. But when the clock strikes midnight, the night cycle begins and the safe zone door shuts tight. All torches go out, and players must race to relight them while Satanic characters prowl, looking for their next victim.

The night cycle is not for the faint of heart. Satanic characters have the upper hand, making it easier to eliminate their prey, but some brave souls venture out for tasks with increased XP gain. Meanwhile, Protectors in the safe zone must keep their wits about them, watching for suspicious activity and secret passageways.

As the game progresses, players must use their deduction skills to accuse and vote on the guilt or innocence of their peers. The Protectors aim to eliminate all Satanic or fill the XP bar, while Satanic seek to eliminate all Protectors. Forgotten characters have their own unique win conditions, choosing to help or hinder either faction or remain neutral. The stakes are high, and the outcome is never certain.

Backstory & Setting

Castle of Blackwater is a mysterious and magical place that has been around for almost a thousand years, discovered by the great Earlwind Axelot. The castle's origins are shrouded in mystery, with history suggesting that it appeared out of nowhere rather than being built. Within its walls, magic itself is said to have originated, and those who can survive the castle's challenge and complete its quest are granted the gift of magic.

Over time, Blackwater Town has grown around the castle, with people from all walks of life flocking to the village to study its history and secrets, with the ultimate goal of overcoming the castle's challenge and being granted magical powers. Occasionally, groups of students will band together to form temporary alliances to enter the castle and attempt its quest, knowing that failure can result in death.

The majority of challengers, known as "The Protectors," seek to use their magical gifts to better the world and increase our collective understanding of the mystical. Created and led by Earlwind Axelot himself, The Protectors distinguish themselves through teamwork, compassion, and trust, aligning themselves as "Good" and working together to complete the castle's tasks.

However, greed and a hunger for power have infiltrated the village over the years, leading to the creation of a secretive faction of dissidents known as "The Satanic." This group of maliciously-minded scholars seeks to increase their magical powers with the intent to overthrow, terrorize, and rule over others. The members of The Satanic have long studied an alternative method of pleasing the castle's demands, attempting to win its favor through sabotage and blood sacrifice.

A third category of challenger, "The Forgotten," hides among the most selfish individuals of the party. Often found among the scholars who have been studying the longest but have not yet dared to take on the risk of losing their life, The Forgotten scholars frequently succumb to a sense of madness from the information overload, losing many loved ones to the castle, or simply not fitting in with any of the larger establishments. They work both with and against their fellow challengers, often acting in their own self-interest.

Despite the varying motives and intentions of the challengers, they are all united by their desire to obtain magical powers and overcome the challenge of the Castle of Blackwater.

A new approach to Web3 gaming

In the past year, the team has been exploring the potential of liquidity pools in web3 game economics. After months of research, modelling, and discussions with industry contacts, they are now ready to share their findings with the wider community in hopes of receiving additional insights and feedback.

Their essay aims to demonstrate how liquidity pools can not only act as a thermometer for a web3 game tokenized economy but also serve as an automated balancing protocol and a new business model for web3 game studios.

The team's ideas have been developed through a collaborative effort with their web3 community, receiving constructive criticism, and feedback. Although their model is still in development, they feel it is necessary to share their progress with the community, hoping others can add to and learn from their early ideas.

Castle of Blackwater believes that Automated Market Makers (AMMs) have the potential to revolutionize web3 game economics, similar to their impact on finance markets in the rise of De-Fi. They are determined to showcase how AMMs' naturally balancing mechanisms can be useful in the inherently unstable web3 game economics seen in "play & earn" gaming. Read the full documentation about Using an AMM to Balance a Web3 Game Economy here.


The team is committed to prioritizing the community's needs and creating a fun and engaging social deduction game in the web3 space. They aim to integrate all the essential components that are lacking in other games, such as social interaction, strategy, and deduction, to provide players with an unparalleled gaming experience.

Furthermore, they are dedicated to building a strong online community by fostering player engagement and creating a positive environment. The team is constantly refining and improving the game based on feedback from the community, with the goal of becoming the first and best social deduction game in the Web3 space.

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