Together we Revolutionise
the P2E Industry

Solving the fundamental problems of the ‘Play-to-earn’ model, by gathering industry leaders and promoting productive discussion.


You have the vision.
We know the PATH


The founders and whitepaper should be
public and fully vetted.


The community should be respectful, fair and
promote diversity.


The game must be fun and enticing to
potential value injectors.


The economy/tokenomics should be
sustainable, scalable and fair.

Connecting like-minded
Builders and brands

Combing the strength of vetted projects and
innovative partners to create a new future

Cool people we
love to trust


CEO Cosmic Isles

Never been so happy.

"Being a part of the FPC is extremely valuable to me and my team. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to exchange experiences with games that share similar values as us, while coming from various stages of development. Peer to peer knowledge has never been more important, and I am glad I joined the FPC to truly find a supportive peer network."


Co-Founder Rogue Fox Guilds

I'm proud of this project!

"Our ambition in joining the FPC is to create a space that allows best practice sharing amongst peers and create and establish industry standards that will help mature and elevate the web4 space to the next level. I think it's safe to say we are doing a good job in achieving this mission. It's great to have a community like this to be able to fall back on for support."


CMO Ethermon

I want to support the FPC!

"My ambition for the FPC is to help drive forward and support the best parts this GameFi space: the creativity, innovation, and sense of community. I'm regularly inspired and support by this diverse group of game developers and leaders to make sure Ethermon achieves standards that set it apart in this fragmented space. And that's the true value of the FPC certification - that you are developing the type of fun, high quality, and sustainable game ecosystem that your team and players can be proud of."

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Let me tell you a story about fighting dragons and how #WotC and @Wizards_DnD don't understand NFTs, or perhaps they do, and wish to keep them all to themselves.

Time to go on an adventure 🧵

We are excited to announce the Dread Arena alpha is now on @elixir_launcher! The Dread Arena is our first playable mode, and we are thrilled to finally let more gamers get a look at what we've been working on! 1/🧵

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